Do you know why Filipino’s working ability, discipline and patience is outstanding?
Learn how Philippines values and culture produce amazing professionals. 

Close family ties – To a Filipino, family comes first & family is everything. He lives with it and depends on it. His dreams, aspirations and life are always centred on his family. This family solidarity keeps a Filipino to be positive amidst everything. He works hard to ensure a better life for the family. Family is evidently highly valued in the Philippines, thus, the government also strengthens Filipino family and in great support to ensure work-family balance. 

“Utang na loob” or debt of gratitude – Filipinos always recognize one’s indebtedness. This means that he owed to a person who has helped him through the trials he had undergone. He repays that person in whatever kind, whatever time and situation. It is one way of showing deep appreciation for lending out a hand. 

Hiya – It is a Filipino value that is difficult to translate. Literally it has several meanings such as shy, timid, sensitive rather than ashamed. Filipinos believe they must live up to the accepted standards of behaviour and make it a point not to cause another person’s embarrassment. Each is anticipated to have hiya in the way they behave to win respect from the community. This is a value that gives a Filipino a sense of social decency and politeness. 

Pakikisama – There is no exact English translation for this word. It means getting along with others to preserve a harmonious relationship. It invites the Filipinos to do good and to be a nice companion. The value of pakikisama results in camaraderie and a feeling of closeness to one another. Pakikisama is also sharing one’s wealth, talent, time and self with fellow human beings and working together for a common good. This value bridges the gap between cultures. 

Respect to Others – Filipinos regard others with dignity and respect This is being observed in a basic sense of justice, fairness and concern for others fellowmen, nature or animals. 

The above values are the root of many other values. Close family ties makes a Filipino a hardworking and industrious person. A Filipino will do anything for his family that also makes him optimistic, flexible, adaptable, and creative. 

Hiya, pakikisama, utang na loob & respect to others make a Filipino an individual with unique moral obligation to treat one another resulting to community ties. These values make Filipinos friendly, hospitable, polite & loyal. 

In brief, the Filipino core values influence how they behave in any situation. The Philippines is recognized in having “collectivist” culture indicated by close family ties and community ties in society. Filipino values are centred at preserving social harmony, motivated mainly by the desire to be accepted within a group. This makes a Filipino a reliable person that can easily integrate and work with anyone, anytime, anyhow & anywhere. 

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