Who is Account Master?

A service based Business Process Outsourcing company that operates in the Philippines and has office in Morley, West Australia

How much is the cost?

It will depend on the service type, but fees start at AU$10 per hour.

What are the services plans?

We offer flexible packages such as: hourly, daily, monthly, semi-annually and yearly (the higher the plan type, the lower the cost per hour).

Is there a lock-in period?

No, for hourly, daily and monthly plans.

Yes, for 6-month and 12-month plans.

Do you also offer trial periods?

Yes, trial period will be depend on service type.

Can I terminate the service anytime?

For hourly and daily plans, yes you can terminate anytime.

For monthly plan, a notice of at least 2 weeks must be given.

For 6-month and 12-month contracts, there must be a month notice of termination before the contract period expires.

Do you charge cancellation fees?

No. But if you will pre-terminate the contract (6-month or 12-month), there will be pre-termination charge = (remaining months x minimum monthly fee)

How can i pay for your services and what is the payment term?

You will be invoiced every end of month. Account Master bank details are included every statement of account and payments can be sent through online facilities.


Who will be my virtual staff (VA)?

We are going to assign 1 qualified person and will be under the supervision of Team Leader.

Can I choose who will be my VA?

Yes, this is possible and can be arranged.

Do I need to train the VA?

Our VAs are pre-trained and experienced. We suggest discussing with them the procedure and job’s overview as every client has their own specific instructions and way of process.

Is there a way where I can train the VA in person?

Yes. Business visit can be arranged in two ways: Client visit at Account Master office or VA will travel to your office.

What if my assigned VA is on leave?

We provide a back up person who is knowlegeable and is trained on your account.

How will I know the status of tasks?

Aside from online communications, you will be receiving a report of what have been done, pending, queries etc. from your assigned VA to keep you on track.

What about the confidentiality?

We assure you that everything will be kept highly confidential; all documents are stored and secured in our AMGS online. We also welcome any confidentiality agreement from your end    that you would like us to have in place.

What is AMGS online and how can i access it?

It is our secured cloud storage tool based in Australia where reporting and filling of  documents are done. Once you have signed a contract with us, our in-house IT will set up an access for you. Your unique login details will be sent through via system generated email.

What are the benefits I could get from outsourcing at Account Master global solution?
  • Offers one-stop business solution
  • Save Up to 75% on labour and operational costs
  • Australian based leadership and subsidiary company
  • Trained reliable virtual workforce with excellent English communication skills
  • Backup person system to ensure continuous service
  • Bilateral Trust. All dealings are highly kept confidential
  • Flexible service plans to suit business needs
  • GST Free, No Superannuation and Tax Deductible
How to get started?
  1. Advise the service to be outsourced, plan type and when do you wish to start
  2. Service agreement to formalise
  3. Commencing of contract
  4. Assigned VA will be in touch through intro email
  5. Actual processing

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