Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting

Account Master Global Solution

We would like to offer you a cost effective residential, retail, industrial, strata or commercial trust accounting solution.


  • Specialize in accounting data entry for retail, professional, general & real estate accounting practice.
  • Have qualified staff with a total of 40 years’ experience using trust accounting software such as MRI, CMS , PALACE, REIMASTER, GEEDEE or REST.
  • Provide businesses with custom made, personalized and modified accounting solutions that help business in accomplishing every essential task with low operational cost and
  • Can provide property and lease maintenance service including monthly tenant charges, daily receipting & bank rec and monthly reports required by legislation to owners or licenses.

Account Master Global Solution uses the following softwares:

  • MRI
  • CMS
  • REST


Features and Fees


AU$ 120.00/day 



AU$ 2,200.00/month



 AU$ 2,000.00/month


Optional fee:

Additional casual personnel per day-$120.00
Extra Day work beyond agreed Schedules-$120.00

Here's more!

  1. Back up personnel included.
  2. Pre-intensive in-house training provided prior on hiring.
  3. Free use of AMGSonline, secured cloud based storage and unique way to keep you on track.
  4. Free Client Support (eMail, Skype or VoIp phone call).
  5. Free 1-hour consultation with Perth,WA based Manager.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All Plans renewed automatically unless 30-day notice has been successfully advised.
  2. Monthly and Yearly plans are payable month in advance.
  3. Once off charge fee of $700 applies.

Professional Fees as of 01 March 2017, GST not applicable