Aside from a residential property manager, other leasing services that seem to be occupied nowadays are Strata Managers. Strata Managers are the person who manages an apartment building on behalf of all of its individual owners. They manage everything from legal compliance to building upkeep, finances and administration and to the community in the best interests of the owners.

Outsourcing a virtual assistant for the Strata Management business will help reduce the complexities of managing the strata properties be it in administrative, accounting or community functions along the area. Outsourcing back-office strata management enables you to commit more time to winning more strata schemes.

Strata management virtual staff responsibilities and tasks could involve the following:

  1. Administrative.

It is vital to keep strata records in order to meet legal compliance obligations. A strata management assistant can guarantee that all records are current, complete, and accessible for review. They do both internal and external assistant functions, such as supporting onshore personnel with time-consuming administrative chores and communicating with renters to address queries and problems. Usual task are as follow: 

  • Arranging maintenance and repair work as required
  • Preparing meeting agendas and minutes
  • Issuing keys, contracts and emergency details to contractors, owners and tenants.
  1. Financial.

Simply put, financial compliance standards may be met with the appropriate tools and technology. The strata management assistants may use modern accounting software to prepare financial reports and budgets on schedule.SMA also lease maintenance services such as monthly renter charges, daily receipting and bank reconciliation, and monthly reporting needed by law to owners or licensees.

  1. Social task.

As part of the community task of Strata Management Assistant they also a do in-depth understanding of council and local area requirements ensures the property remains compliant. A proactive examination of the property helps to ensure the renters’ safety and comfort. Offdshoring your Strata Management assistant task helps you in effective liaison between tenants and property owners to fostering communal harmony. Proper communication and regular meetings keep them up to date on property issues and create improved cooperation.

Outsourcing strata management assistant tasks to the Philippines might result in as much as 70% cost reductions. Account Master Global Solution charges a flat monthly price to help you cut costs and focus on expanding your business. 

For more detailed cost information, please contact us for a business consultation so that we may find better a solution to your specific needs.