Top 5 Reasons Why Successful Businesses Use Checklists and Calendars

Lists and calendars never went out of style in the business industry because of their relevant use in many aspects of your everyday life. Successful managing directors, CEOs and a lot of high-flyers that you'll soon be out there prefer using this old fashion way of keeping themselves get a track of things. If that's not enough to persuade you, here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest on checklists and calendars in your office, and perhaps in your home as well:


1. You'll get to keep solid records of everything

No matter how big or small, records are records. They're solid proof that you did this, purchased that, filed this, signed that, etc. Checklists and calendars can be a strong tracker, especially during the taxation month.

2. You'll be able to prioritize what's urgent

There are those times when we tend to do things that are due three weeks ahead and forget to do tasks that would be due the day after tomorrow. The easiest way to get reminded what needs to be in your next agenda is through a calendar. Mark the dates, time, and place, and sync that to your to do list.

3. Less cost of time, money and stress

Think about this for a minute: You would forget a particular task that takes three days to finish is due tomorrow. You'll rush that and pour out all the energy you've reserved for the whole week on that task - definitely, this would cause you a ton of stress. Say you were able to meet up with the deadline the following dates, but as expected, you made a lot of errors. So you would have to do it all over again, shoulder the budget you've wasted on the error, and lost a lot of time to do what you wanted or needed to do. And sure, that's going to add more stress on you. So you see how important it is to get reminded of things and account what to do first, step-by-step.

4. They're a lot better than sticky notes

Sticky notes are a great way to get yourself reminded of things, but checklists and calendars are a lot better. Well, for some, sticky notes are indeed colorful and stress-relieving to look at, but they're too small for you to write in more details. Some sticky notes tend to fall off, and once it does, you'll completely forget about whatever's written there.

5. There are a variety of available free apps for you

With today's technology, it's no longer impossible to bring that calendar on your wall and checklist on your desk everywhere. There are several free calendar and checklist applications that you can find at online stores and sync it with all of the available gadgets you have. These would make it easier for you to get yourself reminded of things.

But of course, a good calendar and checklist won't be as productive as you expect it to be without your effort. Write on it, save meeting dates, jot down your to do-list more often. You'll find yourself at the peak of comfort and success in just a flash.


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