Nifnex: Influential 100 Awards

Nifnex: Influential 100 Awards

Perth’s Small Business Community Awards is like the Grammy’s or Oscars of leaders and influential people. This event acknowledged prodigies in the small business community who provides the best services in aiding business and other companies to create a solid ground. And as a Good Samaritan in business process outsourcing, Apple Villegas has been nominated as one of the Nifnex Influential 100. Why does she deserve such an Oscar-ish award, you say?

A is for Apple and she keeps your problems away


A consultant. A problem-solver. A friend. You won’t find anyone like her.

Apple Villegas have been on the roads of accounting, the streets of real estate and the pathways of general business for over 10 years. As a Registered Business Accountant, she had shaped her groundwork of property and trust accounting in Byyan / Savllis, a commercial and retail trust accounting sited at the centre of Perth, in which she worked by heart-to-heart with property managers and owners in catering the best property services

Adept in providing the best solutions for business owners such as you.

As real estate and accounting solutions became a part of her culture, Apple Villegas became an out-and-out Account Manager in Tracc Pty Ltd., a specialized Trust Outsourcing Accounting firm, and other WA real estate companies. She is has always been on-the-ball on trust accounting legislation for WA and VIC. Apple became a prodigy with trust accounting software such as MRI, CMS and TraccOnline, making her into a personality to the company clients and the company itself.

Apple has also been in the field of bookkeeping since 1995, providing the quality services for retail businesses, recruitment agencies, restaurants, professional firms, and other Australian business.

Apple is dyed-in-the-wool when it comes to business solution services.

In 2010, Apple Villegas, a true business service provider, established her very own Account Master Global Solution – a Business Process Outsourcing Company, carrying the knowledge, experiences and leadership to the firm to create and train adept Filipino accountants like her. Apple’s Account Outsourcing Company is keened to providing solutions to Australian, US and UK clients, who continue to favour on both professional and personal services.

Apple will continue to inspire more accountants to establish their own grounds and follow what they desire to do.

Get Voting! Put on A on it:

Perth’s Small Business Community Awards will be held in Platinum Lunge, 386 Wannerro Rd, Westminster at the 27th of February, starting at 6:30 in the evening.