Love your Business, Love what you Do, or Do what you Love

Love your Business, Love what you Do, or Do what you Love

Fall in love with it. It’s worth it.

Steve Jobs, Malcolm Forbes, Bill Gates, etc., they’ve all had common thoughts over their business, and that is to love it. Love what you do or do what you love, and you might as well end up successful like these geniuses. Sounds like a long shot? But it’s worth the try. Businesses are like your spouse. If you married it because you love it, your life will get better and happier. But if you married it because you have to, it’s going to be a stressful life for you. But say that you’re already at that point where you have one, but you don’t love it. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying to love it.

Here are some tips of how to fall in love (more) with your business:

What’s missing? Does your office have coffee maker? Water? Biscuits? Take the opportunity to volunteer and buy one. Put something on that missing corner or space will make you realize that it’s one of the things you’ve been missing. You’ll make yourself and everyone else happy.

Spotless = faultless. Speaking of space how’s your workplace? Is it clean? Where’s that planner you received last Christmas? Are those sticky notes glued in a board? Or are they just clinging anywhere like spider webs? It’s about time to clean that mess up. Organize your files in your cabinet, or put them on a file tray. Put your pens on a can or cup, and other office supplies on a box. Place your calendar somewhere you could easily write on it and see. Arrange those sticky notes by deadlines.

Put a little love in it. If there’s still some space, put a picture of your friends, family, or even your dog. Put some things in your table, not too much, that will make you feel motivated to get everything done.

Manage Positively. Done cleaning? I bet you could already tell the load of work you’ll go through next. Don’t feel stressed already. Get rid of that negative energy and manage your time. Designate each paper work for the whole day and set a deadline for yourself. If there’s already a deadline, try finishing it a day before. Keep that positive energy till you’ve got nothing to do anymore.

How’s your social life? Are you getting along with at least one person in your work? Try telling them something about this coffee or pastry shop and invite them there next time. If you get along with one, eventually, you’ll find yourself getting along with everyone.

Notice how it gets better every day? Does it feel nice? Sure, it took a lot of energy to do these things, but so does marriage. You didn’t gain and lost, but you gave and received. Last advice: like marriage, always treat your work or business like your spouse. It might get annoying sometimes, but you’ll never get used to it. Make sure you give it your best, and you’ll be happy when you do. Love it for what it is.

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