Facebook Collaborates with PhilDev to Dive into Poverty

Social Media is one of the strongest platforms to raise global awareness on social issues, connecting people who react and defend and gathering them to create a stand.

Last month, Facebook launched a Hackathon during the creative Spikes Asia 2015 festival, gathering seven teams from the leading agencies all over Asia with the purpose to share ideas and forge a creative and innovative campaign that will work out on social issues using Facebook and other social media platforms as a tool.


The Philippine Development Foundation, or PhilDev, was given the opportunity to collaborate with Facebook to support their objectives on erasing the country's issue on poverty through education, innovation and enterprise. PhilDev presented a creative deviation concentrating on establishing solid awareness, interaction and action for their brand, which is yet to have a name, and helping the poor through education. With Facebook as one of the top social media websites in the internet, PhilDev  trusts that the powerful ground would help them reach people withe same enthusiasm to eliminate poverty in the Philippines. Being partners with the network will no doubt "inspire people to do more, learn more and know more about their mission" and find a solution to fix one of the country's primary issues. Facebook has also been known to have created successful partnership campaigns with numerous organization, hiking up PhilDev's excitement to work with them. PhilDev is also open to fundraising campaigns and new enthusiasts that will help them carry out their future.

The team, including junior planner Jessica Chen and junior art director Cynthia Subrata, came up with a campaign that exhibits talent which promoted the successful missions eradicating poverty through education. PhilDev founder Dado Banatao presented their Facebook campaign, using “See the new Philippines through the lens of PhilDev” as the catchphrase of the project. The team rendered possible innovative solutions, such as growing young businesses and creating more opportunities, that will help shape the future of the country through the dynamic potential.

Jessica and Cynthia will be collaborating Facebook’s Hackaton group sessions facilitated by the head of APAC for Facebook Creative Works, Fergus O’Hare. They will continue to pursue the idea and execute the approach as a Facebook Project for PhilDev. The two innovators have been rewarded with $20,000 USD for production and $30,000 USD for the campaign to take action.