Australia's Festive Experiences on Facebook: What this means for Marketers

Are you looking for some good reasons why you should improve your social media marketing over the holiday season?

Facebook has released new data on the Australian market showing some interesting insights about how Aussies use Facebook during the year-end festive season and tips to take advantage of this.


Going Mobile

Last year, there are 9.6 million daily Facebook mobile users in Australia and 75% of Facebook posts were created on mobile.  That is a lot of mobile activity, making mobile the ideal place to target them with your festive-themed promotions and content.  

The better mobile experience you can offer, the more likely you are to increase sales there.

Creative Format

On Facebook, there are more posts, shares, and comments during the holidays than any other time of the year.  This is the best time to look whether your audience will be more responsive to link ads with video or better with product image. Use this time before the holidays to test the different creative formats for your audiences and try to consider these stats from Facebook:

As noted in Facebook’s post:

“During the festive season, 72% of Facebook conversations revolve around greetings and celebratory activities, including Christmas parties, well wishes for loved ones and displays of friendship.”

“The biggest festive moments in Australia also take place on Facebook. People share 73% more mobile content on Christmas Day and 64% more on New Year’s Day.”

 “Aussies are sharing 40% more video posts compared to the rest of the year.”

The data offers great insight into the Australian Facebook audience proving that this Holiday Season is the biggest time of the year for retailers not only on the high street but also online.  Indeed, a season of opportunity for marketers and the best time to reach audience, drive discovery of products, and grow business. 

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